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     The author's unique take on the supernatural world and its intrusion on the material one manifested itself during his childhood in a small farming community in Michigan. His mother and grandmother were both instrumental in initiating and later cementing his love for the written word. His mother, like many mothers, had introduced him at an early age to Dr. Seuss and that magical world of bright colors and nonsensical rhyme. His mother's tender mentoring showed him that reading was not only pleasurable, but was a ready gateway to faraway worlds. His grandmother on the other hand, a retired English teacher, introduced him to the likes of Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and Ernest Hemingway. She maintained that words in the hand of a master, such as Shakespeare, were chosen so carefully and fashioned so precisely that the reading of them aloud was like a hypnotic melody to the ears. To her, literature was more than mere words. To her, literature was the music of life.

     It wasn't until the author had borrowed several books from an older cousin that he became acquainted with the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen R. Donaldson, Piers Anthony, and H.P. Lovecraft. It was during that time that he discovered an intense desire to craft stories of his very own. He drew on his experiences of living on a rural midwest farm and illustrated many of his writings himself.   In the fifth grade he wrote and illustrated a historical piece about our nation's first president, George Washington, which was published in 1976. The author went to the University of Michigan, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Language Arts.  He later joined the U.S. Air Force and was awarded with a commendation for his service during the Gulf War.
     The author enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, holding down his favorite barstool at Sheehan's Irish Pub, visiting the Living History Park in North Augusta, selfishly occupying the rope hammock on his old sailboat, and occasionally going for long walks in a dark wood for inspiration.  

     The author currently lives with his wife in a small cottage in "South Carolina's Riverfront City" --- North Augusta, South Carolina.


Local events the author enjoys...

A Must-attend Event! Spirits of Hallowed Eve Dinner - If you have not attended one of these dinners you have really missed a great night of food and entertainment. Deadus Canby is spirited and dreadfully good. The evening starts in the Tavern with wine, ale, heavy nibbles and the talk of town. Then on to the Barn where the Bill of Fare includes rabbit's delight, aerie crock corn, rare beast of the night, twisted crow roasted, planked cold-blooded vertebrate, roots of the earth, gourds from the field, Adams delight, and pair of the night. Join us for spirits, songs, stories from afar and fire in the night. Seating is limited. For reservations call Lynn at 803 279-7560. Tickets are $50.00 per person. All proceeds benefit the Living History Park.

Historic Augusta’s Walk with the Spirits is a unique tour of one of Augusta’s historic cemeteries. COME WALK AMONG THE DEAD!

The Zombie Walk of Augusta...COME WALK WITH THE DEAD!



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