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"Our worst nightmares are those that so closely parallel our own lives that we are unable to
differentiate between what is real and what is not. What is dream and what is life. What is day and
what is night. This leaves you and I more often than not naked and vulnerable to the evil that
lies in wait in our subconscious. But, what form does real evil take? Does evil resemble the boogie
man that inhabited that dark space beneath the beds of our childhood? Can evil come in the form
of a malicious shade bumping around the attic of a house down the street? Could evil incorporate
itself in to an inanimate object of desire, effectively cursing all who possess it? Even better, could evil
take the form of something seemingly innocent instead? What if that energetic soccer mom you met
suddenly went off the deep end and poisoned the soccer team's brownies and juice boxes because she
heard a voice coming out of the garbage disposal telling her to do so? Or...maybe...just maybe...she
was having an "off" day. True evil places itself where it is least suspected and where it can exact the
greatest ruin. It is in our nightmares and our subconscious fears that true evil resides. Oh yes, it
also lives in the mind of that guy who comes to spray your house on the last Wednesday of every
month. You know who I mean.
His name is Bob.
Bob the bug man."


"For a writer, a satisfactory level of productivity is difficult to acquire and impossible to maintain."

"The act of writing can be a pleasant experience, similar to receiving a long compliment, while the
unpleasant task of rewriting never ceases to insult...and insult...and insult."

"A writer writes."

"A good writer writes a lot. A great writer writes a lot and reads even more."

The Eldest Muse



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