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   The Marionette

  I appear to you the smiling fool
  A plaything created for your amusement
  Like a puppet you ruled me with strings from above
  I was unable to choose my own movement

  However I can assure you nothing could be further
  From that which you foolishly cleave
  For unlike a slave with a master to obey
  I choose to be the fool to deceive

  I bide my time and wait for when
  The moment it all comes to fruition
  When you become vulnerable
  And susceptible to my simple plan of ruin

  Those days of prissing and preening
  Are fewer as the sand grains pour
  For your time left with me bleeds quickly
  From the hourglass on to the floor

  I will treasure that look upon your face
  The moment you find yourself bound
  And by me the clown who amused you oft’
  A jester who is now the king crowned

  I will savor your bones-your blood-your ire
  Wash them down with my contempt for you
  And relish again the very moment you learned
  That your marionette cut his strings in two

  © RH Summers 2007

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